Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terrell Owens- Post ACL Recovery

I've recently had the opportunity to work with NFL legend, and future Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens. Terrell is rehabbing from surgery for an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tear in his left knee. A Patella graft was part of this procedure.

Terrell was kind enough to make this video for me, on his own, unasked, unprompted and uncompensated. Here is Terrell's experience with the PER 2000 in his own words: TO's Story

Monday, January 3, 2011

Its been awhile....some updates to share

Hi Friends,

Sorry for the radio silence!

Quite a bit has happened over the last six months, so I better give you the rundown:

-My wife and I had our baby, a boy, born August 18th!

-ANOTHER American Professional Football team is using the PER 2000 in the Athletic Training Room. This team just won their division!

-An Olympic Gold Medalist, and the most decorated Skier in recent US Olympic History is now a user of the PER 2000.

-I spent two plus weeks in Dubai introducing and demonstrating the PER 2000 to the Equine, Veterinary and Medical Communities. We had a stand at the prestigious "Al Fares Equine Exhibition"

There are some pictures of this event and trip here: DUBAI

Friday, July 16, 2010

VERY Cool Experience

I had a VERY cool experience a few months back that I wanted to share with you.

We exhibited the PER 2000 at the New Living Expo in San Francisco a few months back. This is one of our favorite events of the year, as we have done this many years in a row, and people "remember" us,
well, really the PER 2000.
This year was a bit of a "blast from the past" experience for me. The keynote speaker at this event was American Pioneer, Dick Gregory.

Mr. Gregory is known worldwide for his political activism, humor, introduction of the
Bahemian diet, and many other things. Dick and I have a unique relationship together. Six years ago, it was Mr. Gregory and I who first introduced the old version of this technology to NBA Superstar, Shaquille O'Neal.

Mr. Gregory was using the machine at a Los Angeles clinic, when we first met. He was using it for pain relief of a previous injury. We discussed the possibility of using the machine with
Shaq, and low and behold, a few days later we were at Shaq's housing, giving him his first energy session! \

Flash forward to this event in San Francisco, and wouldn't you know that Mr. Gregory remembered me, and the events of that evening. Even better was his commentary on how impressed he was with how much we have improve the technology over the years. Mr. Gregory loved using the machine, and even allowed us to take pictures him during the session for his foot pain.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Equine Sessions-Rancho Santa Fe 7/11/2010

OK everyone, I had an INCREDIBLE experience treating some GORGEOUS horses!

I was fortunate enough to meet with, a WONDERFUL lady, Beverly, an expert in the Equine Health and recovery arena.

We treated 5 Horses-all champion Hunter/Jumpers.

The Horses all had similar ailments; from neck and pectoral muscle strains, tightness and pulls, to hock and stifle injuries from performance and competition.

What a FANTASTIC results we saw with ALL of the horses.

I really love treating horses for a few reasons. The first one being the symbiotic relationship between, you and the horse. They cannot speak to you, but they can certainly communicate.

The horse cannot lie to you and tell you they don't have an injury, they don't have pain or, even better they cannot embellish the results they experience.

They either are improving , have improved, or there has been no change.

Take a look at a few of the videos from this weekend. Notice the horses began to relax, the eyes get heavy and they lick their respective lips during treatment--all positive signs of endorphin release, pain relief and ultimately acceptance and enjoyment of the energy session.

Also notice the way the horse responds with the Hock attachment.

The Pulse is going right to his damaged spot!


Hello Friends,

YOU have spoken, WE have listened!

This is the first in a series of weekly-to bi weekly blogs from my desk.

I will be sharing heaps of information, stories, experiences and other exciting news with you, as it unfolds.

From videos and pictures, to testimonials and Q&A, I intend on getting all the details of PEMF therapy out to YOU!

Be well, stay healthy and KEEP PULSING!!!!!!

All the Best,